Propane Tanks for Sale

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Ideal Small Propane Tank
Tank Size: 100 LB/24 Gallons
Dimensions: 35 “ high x 20” wide
Typical uses: Low or minimal use. (Cooking only or clothes dryer only.)
Not used for: Multiple appliances or high demand.

Ideal Medium Propane Tank
Tank Size: 200 LB/48 Gallons
Dimensions: 40” high x 24 “ wide
Typical uses: Medium usage. More then average cooking or multiple appliances. Ex. 2 ranges (1Range + 1 clothes dryer or fireplace units supplemental heat)
Not used for: Minimal usage or heavy usage, such as heating needs.








Ideal Large Propane Tank
Tank Size: 420 LB/100 Gallons
Dimensions: 52 “ high x 30” wide
Typical uses: -Larger use customers, Range, clothes dryer & hot water heater. Multiple family use. For larger heating needs, we can connect them together.)
Not used for: Low usage. Small demand.

We Sell Barbecue Tanks, always in stock.

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